Hangxin gains Malaysia DCA 145 Approval

Release date:2018-03-14

Recently, Hangxin is approved as a maintenance organization by Civil Aviation Authority of MalaysiaCAAM, adding one more certificate after it obtained approvals from Asia-Pacific countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Singapore. This will help Hangxin to enhance its competitiveness and to expand its oversea component maintenance business.

The auditor of Malaysia civil aviation authority conducted the on-site qualification examination of Hangxin, including the procedural documents of EASA and CAAM and the maintenance workshop. After a comprehensive review of hangxin, the auditor agreed that Hangxin is in compliance with CAAM 145 and advise its approval.

Hangxin’s current component maintenance business has covered the Asia Pacific and several countries in Europe. On component maintenance support, hangxin provide customers with options of our flat rate repair or on a time and material basis couple with our consignment pool to reduce the turn-a-round time needed to service the customer’s operation. In consideration of customer’s fleet operation and management, Hangxin provide component availability support through consignment and pool package, component provision through sale, loan, exchange request and support of distribution parts. To ensure a quick and cost effective delivery to customer site, hangxin have been continuously expanding our own stock of spare parts and components in particular for B737 & A320 and A330 family fleet.