Hangxin delivered the first batch of ARJ21 data printers to COMAC SAMC

Release date:2020-06-03

On May 29, Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hangxin”) delivered the first batch of ARJ21 data printers to COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (COMAC SAMC)

ARJ21 data printer is a high-performance and high-reliability aviation printer independently developed and produced by Hangxin. The model No. of the printer is DP-HW-01, and the part No. is CDP21437-01. DP-HW-01 data printer meets various aviation standards such as ARINC740-1, RTCA D0-160D and RTCA DO-178B. It can cross-link with onboard RIU, RTMU, ACARS and other systems via multipath ARINC429 signals to print flight information, and is suitable for ARJ21, B737NG and other types of aircraft.

COMAC is engaged in the researching, developing and manufacturing of civil aviation aircraft in China. Hangxin was added to COMAC's supplier list and officially became the supplier of ARJ21 data printers on March 2020. The successful delivery of the first batch of ARJ21 data printer will lay a good foundation for the further in-depth cooperation between Hangxin and COMAC.

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