Hangxin Avionics Passed the 2019 FAA Renewal Audit

Release date:2019-12-12

Guangzhou Hangxin Avionics Co., Ltd.(a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangxin, hereinafter referred to as "Hangxin Avionics") accepted the FAA renewal audit and successfully passed the audit on December 5, 6 and 9, 2019.

The FAA auditors mainly checked the past year's maintenance records, tools and equipment, measurement and airworthiness data management, qualification and training of maintenance personnel,inspection personnel and release personnel, etc. After a 3-day review, the FAA auditors gave full affirmation to the quality management system of Hangxin Avionics, and concluded that the facilities of Hangxin Avionics were neat and standardized,and all maintenance work was performed in an orderly manner, which met the requirements of FAA regulations.

During this audit, the FAA auditors and Hangxin Avionics exchanged in-depth views on regulations of FAA, and fully discussed the management of personnel roster and capacity list, the form template and form-filling in QCM requirements.