Hangxin Avionics Received a Letter of Thanks

Release date:2019-07-12

Recently, Guangzhou Hangxin Avionics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hangxin Avionics) received a letter of thanks from the Component Maintenance Division of HNA Technic Co., Ltd. which expressed its appreciation to Hangxin Avionics and its employees Yalu Cheng and Huibin Luo for their hard work in the process of transferring component to foreign manufacturers for retrofit.

There were many difficulties during the process, such as component transfer repair, floppy disk missing, etc. Yalu Cheng,who overcame the time difference at home and abroad, kept in touch with foreign manufacturers 24 hours a day, and made full use of relevant resources to solve the problems. Huibin Luo made full preparation to ensure the component’s successful send-back.

Their performance fully reflects the customer service spirit of devotion and contribution that Hangxin has been adhering to, as well as the excellent corporate culture of Hangxin’s dedication, and shows the style of Hangxin people. Hangxin Avionics will continue to provide customers with a full range of high quality and efficient services, to ensure customer service needs.